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Celdara Medical and C-Path’s Translational Therapeutics Accelerator Announce Pipeline-focused Partnership


Celdara Medical and Critical Path Institute’s (C-Path) Translational Therapeutics Accelerator (TRxA) today announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) aimed at identifying and advancing promising new therapeutics in areas of high unmet medical need. Under the terms of this agreement, both organizations look to expand opportunities to provide financial support for the development of early-stage therapeutics by exchanging non-competitive information submitted in academic funding proposals.

Since its founding in 2008, Celdara Medical has built a robust pipeline of potential therapeutics for diseases with unmet needs, sourced from across the nation and globally. Many of these pipeline opportunities align with TRxA’s strategic objectives, as does the shared focus on and primacy of patient need and experience.

Launched in June 2022, TRxA is a global drug discovery and development accelerator focused on supporting academic scientists in defining optimal strategies for advancing new, cutting-edge small molecule therapeutics from the lab to patients. TRxA leverages C-Path’s expertise in translational and regulatory science to provide vital funding and drug development expertise to support its grantees in developing comprehensive data packages for potential drug candidates, a key to garnering interest from biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to invest in clinical trials.

Dr. Jake Reder, Co-founder, and Chief Executive Officer of Celdara Medical, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “At Celdara Medical, we advance therapies with the potential to make a meaningful difference in the lives of patients. This collaboration with TRxA will improve the efficiency of both organizations, expanding complementary access to our respective innovation pipelines.”

Dr. Julie Coleman, Director at Celdara Medical, added, “This MOU reflects our shared commitment to breaking down barriers in drug development. By sharing resources and expertise with TRxA, we are poised to make significant strides in identifying important inventions and advancing treatments for patients with urgent medical needs.”

Dr. Maaike Everts, Executive Director of C-Path’s TRxA, also shared her perspective on the collaboration, stating, “Drug discovery and development is a team sport; many types of expertise, funding models and organizations need to come together to mature an idea coming out of an academic institution into a therapy available to patients. I am very excited to work together with Celdara Medical to find the best environment and expertise needed to ensure our best and brightest ideas get nurtured into new medicines. The exchange of information under this MOU will be a great benefit to the scientists who approach us with their ideas for novel drugs.”

The MOU between Celdara Medical and C-Path highlights the significance of collaboration and information sharing in delivering innovative therapies to patients. Together, the two organizations are committed to improving healthcare worldwide.

About Celdara Medical:

Celdara Medical was founded by Drs. Jake Reder and Michael Fanger in 2008 and is headquartered at the Dartmouth Regional Technology Center (DRTC) in Lebanon, NH. Celdara Medical builds academic and early-stage innovations into high-potential medical companies, identifying discoveries of exceptional value at the earliest stages and moving them toward the market. Celdara Medical partners with inventors and their institutions, providing the developmental, financial, and business acumen required to bridge discovery and profitability. With robust funding options, a diverse and high impact Programmatic pipeline, and partnerships with world-class academic institutions and industry leaders, Celdara Medical navigates all aspects of a complex industry, accelerating science to improve human health. Further information about Celdara Medical is available at celdaramedical.com.

About Critical Path Institute

Critical Path Institute (C-Path) is an independent, nonprofit established in 2005 as a public-private partnership, in response to the FDA’s Critical Path Initiative. C-Path’s mission is to lead collaborations that advance better treatments for people worldwide. Globally recognized as a pioneer in accelerating drug development, C-Path has established numerous international consortia, programs and initiatives that currently include more than 1,600 scientists and representatives from government and regulatory agencies, academia, patient organizations, disease foundations and pharmaceutical and biotech companies. With dedicated team members located throughout the world, C-Path’s global headquarters is located in Tucson, Arizona and C-Path’s Europe subsidiary is headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands. For more information, visit c-path.org.

About C-Path’s Translational Therapeutics Accelerator:

Critical Path Institute’s Translational Therapeutics Accelerator (TRxA) is a not-for-profit global drug accelerator focused on supporting academic scientists in advancing novel therapeutics from university-based labs to drug development pipelines of pharmaceutical companies and, ultimately, the clinic. As a neutral convener of patient groups, academia, pharmaceutical companies and regulatory agencies, C-Path brings a breadth of scientific and drug development planning not available in other accelerator programs. TRxA is uniquely situated to leverage the expertise available through C-Path’s >20 disease-based consortia, as well as regulatory expertise and project management, to empower academic investigators to succeed in bringing safe and effective treatments to patients.