How We Help

Virtici is interested in evolving key relationships with leading inventors, biotechnology and pharmaceutical groups, research institutions, and venture investment firms that share our interest and commitment to develop innovative new medicines.

We care deeply about academic science and we know – firsthand – how to balance entrepreneurial initiatives to truly synergize with academic innovators.

Virtici has created a stable model that does exactly that. We collaborate with recognized scientific leaders and their institutions to steward innovations from the lab to the clinic where they can impact human health. Our academic innovators are key members of the team, and in a way that not only respects, but augments, their academic lives. Entrepreneurship, created around you.

We promote medical innovation across the spectrum of both indications and interventions. Virtici and our affiliates identify, access, and evaluate hundreds of innovations each year. This rich pipeline contains the seeds for dozens of first-in-class medicines, some of which are developed within Virtici, some of which are developed in collaboration with Virtici, and some of which are developed by our partners.

We ensure that emerging therapies – those with the potential to cure humanity’s most challenging diseases – make it out of the lab and into the clinic.

Most research institutions have a team responsible for inspiring innovation, evaluating and protecting that innovation, and then finding and engaging development partners, all to maximize societal impact. Virtici is more than a customer; we seek to create real partnerships with leading research institutions, and to help with the inspiration (raise awareness), evaluation (provide valuable feedback), and ultimately, development (promote the opportunity into the clinic).